Rising above it

Being only 20 and a short 5 months off 21, I’ve learned a lot. A key thing I’ve learned is Rising above it, whether it be work drama, disagreements with friends or just the rumour mill. Heck I’m not saying let someone treat you badly, or become a push over and disregard how some people may treat you. Certainly not, but I think anyone can admit to stooping to the level of a person or situation when you know you are a whole lot better than that. So all in all I think a lot of us have to constantly remind ourselves of our worth and how we treat people is a huge reflection of that.

As this blog is finding itself just like I am, little posts like these would be great to look back on and if I can send a message to people in the process that’s even better.

Here’s to rising above it  




Introducing All about life

As this is my first ever blog, I’m using it as a platform to express myself, my interests and just daily inspirations. Things I’d like to know more about and and just what generally facinates me. I don’t exactly have a direction as to where this blog may go or what it may become, it’s a free spirit and anythings possible.